Heroes Against Demons


Complete : box, cartridge and manual.

A Match-3 game on Master System!
- PREORDER (reprint) -

The demonic Death is about to conquer the human world!
His greatest wish is first to bring down the peaceful kingdom of Amalore, the only obstacle to his plan... in the past, he had already been pushed back into the limbo of chaos by the Sacred Guardians. A great battle is about to begin... Who of the kingdom of men or demons will emerge victorious?

Winner of SMSPower! comp ed.2020, developped by Ichigo

  • 17 monsters et 3 heroes
  • 3 endings
  • Intense gameplay (Match-3)
  • Soundtrack by Polaria Poyon
  • Unique circuit board 

ROM freely available at SMSpower!



This product contains :

  • Brand new cartridge
  • Box with color inlay
  • 20 pages manual

Awesome to see new SMS games

At first glance I thought this would of been a platformer going of the name but a fantastic puzzle game none the less. Well worth adding to your collection.

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