[SMS] Flight of Pigarus

Pre-order - Shipping september 2022

Complete : box, cartridge and manual.
Estimated shipping: 15 september

“Gruikest” shooting game on Master System!

Just a couple more shots!
That's all it takes to reach the top. The relentless onslaught of your opponents seems unstoppable, and time is running out fast. Can you master the ultimate challenge? The odds are stacked against you, but you never know: Pigs may fly...!

Game developped by Kagesan

  • Caravan shooter (2 modes)
  • Save score and replay (without battery)
  • Reversible color inlay
  • Poster

ROM freely available at SMSpower!



This product contains :

  • Brand new cartridge
  • Box with reversible color inlay
  • 16 pages manual
  • A3 poster

Fantastic caravan shoot'm up!

A great caravan shmup! !
Gets all the potential of the Master System with great graphics, great controls and fun gameplay.

And the physical edition is just fantastic!

I discovered this game recently and I am happy I purchased it!


Incredible Caravan Shooting Action!!!

Being a SHMUP and Caravan Stage specialist, i have deep love for this amazing release.
Flight Of PIgarus managed to be so well polished and build that it is among the best Shooting experience on the whole professional SMS listing, is the only one Caravan-type Shoot'em up AND is so competent that it is even on par with Hudson Soft's Soldier serie!!!

No flaws whatsoever considering gameplay, stellar graphics and animation : any score addict should try it right now!

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