Heros Against Demons - Game Gear - Limited Edition

Heroes Against Demons ~ Game Gear ~ Limited Edition

Maximum purchase: 1

A very Limited Edition !

Contain the boxed game and a unique numbered Game Gear shell in a whole dedicated packaging.

A Match-3 on Game Gear !

The demonic Death is about to conquer the human world!
His greatest wish is first to bring down the peaceful kingdom of Amalore, the only obstacle to his plan... in the past, he had already been pushed back into the limbo of chaos by the Sacred Guardians. A great battle is about to begin... Who of the kingdom of men or demons will emerge victorious?

Based on the Master System game, redesigned and specially adapted to the Game Gear.

  • 17 monsters et 3 heroes
  • 3 endings
  • 2 players game (versus) with Gear-to-Gear cable (not included) 
  • Intense gameplay (Match-3)
  • Soundtrack by Polaria Poyon


This product contains :

* Brand new cartridge
* Cardboard box which match EU/US Game Gear box sizes
* 24 pages manual - 5 languages
* A3 Poster
* Exclusive sticker sheet
* 3 postcards

Collector part :
* A unique Game Gear shell and glass, matching the game design
* All buttons (D-pad, buton 1, 2, start and power, speaker holder and battery spring cover), in yellow and grey
* Hi quality ABS Shell and glass, UV uprinted, numbered
* Hand signed and numbered certificate of authenticity
* Quality packaging, professionaly custom-made anthracite polyethylene foam for the game and the shell
* Only 50 copies produced

Be carefull: Game Gear screen, motherboard, sound board and power board not included.

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